Popsicle® Ice Pops

Our Story

The story behind Popsicle® that is keeping you cool since 1905

The History Of Popscile
Invented By Kid

Invented by a kid...

The very first Popsicle® ice pop was created way back in 1905 by an 11-year-old named Frank Epperson.

That’s right, Popsicle® was invented by a kid!

By Accident

By accident!

After a long day of play Frank went inside, but left his cup of soda with the stirring stick still in it out on the porch. The night got very cold, and when Frank went outside the next morning he found his drink frozen like an icicle. Whoa!

Rest is History

And the rest is history

Frank called his invention the “Epsicle.” It was a hit with the kids at school, and later with his own kids who called it “Pop’s ‘sicle.” The name was catchy and the treat was delicious, so Frank patented it in 1923 to share his Popsicle® ice pops with the world!