Did you know that the Original Popsicle® was invented by a boy named Frank Epperson when he was just 11 years old? That was just the beginning. Learn what’s happened since 1905, when the first Popsicle® ice pop was made, with these fun facts!

Did You Know? Cherry is the number 1 Popsicle ice pop flavor Popsicle sticks have riddles on them! (but you can't find out the answer until you eaten the whole pop! During World War II, the eight air force unit chose popsicle ice pops as a symbol of American Life The very first 'Ice Cream Man' sold Popsicle ice pops from a horse-drawn cart to children in Nebraska Popsicle ice pop sticks are made of birch The twin popsicle ice pop was invented during the great depression, so two children could share an ice pop for just a nickel Popsicle, lick a color ice pops are made from the outside in 2 billion Popsicle ice pops are sold annually Popsicle ice pops were invented by a kid See How August 14th is national creamsicle day Fudgsicle was introduced in 1946 (today you can find them in 40, 60 or 100 calorie sizes!) Today there are more than 25 variations of Popsicle