Did You Know?

  • Cherry is the No. 1 Popsicle® ice pop flavor.
  • Popsicle® ice pop sticks have riddles on them, but you can’t find out the answer until you’ve eaten the whole pop!
  • During World War II, the Eighth Air Force Unit chose Popsicle® ice pops as a symbol of American life.
  • The very first “ice cream man” sold Popsicle® ice pops from a horse-drawn cart to children in Nebraska.
  • Popsicle® ice pop sticks are made of birch.
  • The Twin Popsicle® ice pop was invented during The Great Depression, so two children could share an ice pop for just a nickel.
  • Popsicle® Lick-A-Color® ice pops are made from the outside in.
  • Two billion Popsicle® ice pops are sold annually.